JNDSJournal of Near Death Studies
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The results of such experiments are the JND of the investigated parameter.
Comparing the behavioural JND and the neural activity is possible if one assumes that the neural system estimates the measured parameters.
Therefore, the JND of the binaural parameters such as ITD and ILD, which are presumably estimated at the level of the SOC or IC, can be derived on the basis of the CD cell outputs [38].
Generally, in a psychoacoustical JND experiment, the yielded JND value is obtained when d' = 1, where in an MAA experiment
After pilot testing the proportion of 50% for the damping scale, it was decided that an increment of 60% was necessary to produce reliable JNDs. The first sound was given the minimum damping constant suggested by Gaver (1993a) of .001.
The first purpose of this experiment was to calculate JNDs for adjustability settings using the method of constant stimuli (Gescheider, 1997).
Finally, the JND values from Experiment 3 are listed in the table.
The JND was then derived as the inverse of the slope of the regression line.
JND values were calculated for each participant and each of the three adjustability parameters.