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JNESJournal of Near Eastern Studies
JNESJapan Nuclear Energy Safety
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JNES 33 [1974]: 197-220 and curiously absent from Lenzi's comprehensive and up-to-date bibliography) which serves not only as vademecum but as a vehicle for expressing some of the intellectual and political challenges faced by the court-employed scholar-diviner.
My own reviews of these volumes appear in JAOS 127 (2007): 208-10 and JNES 71, respectively.
Surprisingly he overlooks Simo Parpola ("The Assyrian Tree of Life: Tracing the Origins of Jewish Monotheism and Greek Philosophy," JNES 52 [1993]: 161-208), who regards the Assyrian sacred tree as the roots of the Sefirotic tree of the Kabbala which, according to Sommer, is the prime example of fragmentation of the divine body and the fluidity model.
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