JNETJournal of Non Equilibrium Thermodynamics
JNETJackson Narcotics Enforcement Team (Jackson, Michigan)
JNETJoint Network Simulation
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"At no cost to taxpayers, we have created a tool that will increase public safety and allow officers to perform their jobs more effectively," said Secretary of Administration Sharon Minnich, whose office oversees JNET. "Officers can spend less time looking up information and be alerted sooner to potentially dangerous situations during traffic stops."
Previously, an officer would have to conduct as many as six different searches within JNET to gather the same information.
"Jnet provides all functions of NJE networks to VAX/VMS users," he says, "such as electronic mail posting and reading with VMSmail and All-in-1; store-and-forward file transfer and receipt; batch job submission, execution and output processing; real-time communication among network users and/or server processes; and query and management of the NJE network."
The Jnet software running on the university's now-four-machine VAXcluster is virtually transparent to most users.
These tables provide the information needed for each machine to know how to get a file or interactive message from "here" to "there." The December 1988 version of these routing tables lists 2,687 BITNET nodes, with 985 of them using the Jnet NJE software as the RSCS emulation on their VAX/VMS machines.
Gerland notes that maintaining the Jnet routing database is easy.