JNETJournal of Non Equilibrium Thermodynamics
JNETJackson Narcotics Enforcement Team (Jackson, Michigan)
JNETJoint Network Simulation
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Previously, an officer would have to conduct as many as six different searches within JNET to gather the same information.
The new NEC face-matching algorithm demonstrates superior accuracy in identification, even when submitting and searching poor quality and lower pixel count images," said David Naisby, executive director of JNET.
We are pleased for the successful field implementation of this technology and our ability to extend facial recognition as a powerful investigative tool to the Pennsylvania JNET law enforcement community.
JNET also provides these practitioners with the ability to conduct secure investigations in a Web-based environment.
Through this award, I hope that other law enforcement and government agencies realize how JNET has enabled Pennsylvania's public safety agencies to be more efficient and effective through the use of technology.
JNET, which was launched before 9/11, initially linked 16 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.