JNFJewish National Fund
JNFJisedai No Fansub (Spanish anime fansub group)
JNFJapan Nutrition Foundation (Japan)
JNFJoods Nationaal Fonds (Dutch: Jewish National Fund)
JNFJunior Non Fiction (library)
JNFJain Networking Forum (religious network)
JNFJesus Never Fails Enterprises (Baltimore, MD)
JNFJapan New Furniture Co., Ltd. (Japan)
JNFJuvenile Nasopharyngeal Fibroma
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These three bodies own 93 percent of the land in the State, distributed as follows: a) the State owns 75 percent of all land in Israel; (49) b) the JNF owns 13 percent; and c) the Development Authority, a statutory body established by the Development Authority (Transfer of Property) Law-1950, (50) owns 5 percent.
The current conflict between the JNF and the government centers on advancing legislation that requires the organization to transfer 2 billion shekels (around $570 million) to the state.
The JNF Exceed Defined Shield Index Portfolio is offered exclusively through Jefferson National's Monument Advisor, a flat-fee investment-only variable annuity.
The JNF sees it differently, saying that the fundamental problem isn't trees but Bedouin poverty.
Using an approach similar to what insurers use to manage risk on their balance sheets, but with lower fees and greater flexibility, the JNF SSgA Retirement Income Portfolio is the only fund publicly available that combines TVT with a diversified portfolio of SPDR ETFs and an overlay that ensures adequate equity exposure but moves to the safety of fixed income or cash when prices trend down or volatility rises.
Our objection was not to the Jewish Society, but purely its support for the sham charities the JNF and the Friends of IDF.
9) The JNF practice was recently challenged in court; Israel's High Court ruled in favor of the Israeli Palestinians plaintiffs, but the practice of selling State lands only to Jews continues.
Their activities were curtailed in the conservation era by the creation of the JNF by the US Forest Service.
Again, I would surmise that the funds were raised for Torah institutions in Israel rather than for Israel Bonds or the JNF.
Regardless of interpretation, the story remains that on June 22, 1976, at a Jewish National Fund dinner in New York City inaugurating the American Bicentennial National Park in Israel, JNF president Rabbi Maurice Sage collapsed just before presenting a bible to the first lady.
To mark this contribution, passengers will be sent an e-certificate designed by JNF.
He concentrated his time and efforts during his retirement on supporting Jewish causes, notably as a key fundraiser for the charities JNF, Israel's leading humanitarian and environmental charity, and UJIA, of which he was honorary vice-president.