JNFLJapan Nuclear Fuel Limited
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In the presence of Japanses Prime Minister Shenzo Abe and French President Francois Hollande in Tokyo, Yoshihiko Kawai, President of JNFL, and Luc Oursel signed a joint statement of cooperation to prepare for the commercial startup of the used fuel recycling plant at Rokkasho-Mura (Japan).
For the CFTC, JNFL, which has already announced its teaming-up with AREVA, will lead the Japanese team supporting this part of the proposal.
The judge, however, acknowledged the plaintiffs' claims that one of the two precursors to JNFL was aware of a quake fault line around the facility and suppressed geological survey data that had negative implications for safety.
According to JNFL, the MOX fuel plant is expected to have a maximum annual capacity of processing 130 tons of plutonium and uranium metallic content.
JNFL President Isami Kojima told a press conference, ''We must carry through the reprocessing business together with the nuclear reactor (business) from the standpoint of ensuring our country's energy security and of environmental concerns.
The Rokkasho-based JNFL has compiled a list of 190 possible cases of problems that could arise in the course of the test run, including leakage of small amounts of radioactive substances, to prepare to deal with them if they occur.
The group said the JNFL, the government and other concerned parties ''are seeking to go ahead with the project without addressing'' the concerns of many citizens, and called on them to abandon the project.
The JNFL, a consortium of nine electric power companies, the Japan Atomic Power Co.
JNFL, set up in 1980 by nine major electrical utilities, Japan Atomic Power Co.
The officials said JNFL is ready to make the request after completing examinations of a basic plan of the factory and technical information obtained from a French nuclear fuel company.
JNFL plans to receive about 97 tons of spent nuclear fuel from six power plants in the country within fiscal 2000.
JNFL plans to receive an additional 62 tons of spent nuclear fuel by the end of March.