JNLWDJoint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (US DoD)
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Another critical component of the NLW acquisition is the DoD Non-lethal Weapons Human Effects Team, which consists of the Human Effects Center of Excellence (HECOE) and the JNLWD Human Effects Office (Simonds, 2014).
Dep't, Non-Lethal Weapons Annual Review 6 (2013) [hereinafter JNLWD 2013 Rev.], available at http:// jnlwp.defense.gov/Portals/50/Documents/Press_Room/Annual_Review s_Reports/2013/DoD_Non-Lethal_ Weapons_ Program_Annual_ Review_11.19.2012_HTML_format_vl.pdf (describing "[l]ow-energy dazzling lasers" as current technology in 2013 providing "discrete, nonverbal hailing and warning signals." with U.S.
According to Scott Griffiths of the JNLWD, a working prototype could be ready by next year.
According to Scott Griffiths, systems engineer at the JNLWD, the goal is to produce a system that can operate on a moving vehicle at entry control points, checkpoints and possibly for convoy security.
JNLWD deposited these documents because it was seeking an NAS green light for further work on chemical weapons.
The JNLWD fully supports service-unique NL S&T funding with the development of the Objective Force FCS.
Many of the new weapons the JNLWD has developed, like rubber bullets and twelve-gauge beanbag shotguns, seem legal and relatively innocuous by international standards.
The JNLWD produces law enforcement and military research aimed at developing and implementing an array of enforcement tools with non-lasting, non-lethal effects.
JNLWD has endeavored to winnow out nonlethal technology unlikely to be either effective or affordable and focused on suitable technologies.
A short time later, the JNLWD asked the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command-Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TACOM-ARDEC) to assume responsibility for subsequent NL mortar efforts.
JNLWD currently is determining how the database can be stratified to provide access to the information without revealing classified information, he added.
The JNLWD, based at Quantico, Va., is the Defense Department's lead agency for non-lethal weapons.