JNLWPJoint Non-Lethal Weapons Program
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Since the establishment of the JNLWP, the Army has managed to develop new NLW capabilities, including 12-gauge and 40-millimeter (low-velocity) nonlethal munitions, M5 nonlethal modular crowd control munitions (which look like Claymore mines--be careful out there!), three iterations of the Army nonlethal capabilities sets, M84 flash-bang grenades, launched electrode stun devices (LESDs) (M26 and X26E TASERs[R]), and M1 and M2 vehicle arresting devices, and field them to operational forces.
With JNLWP implementation, order and structure were established.
He has been working the Army NLW Program and JNLWP since the late 1990s, beginning with his assignment at Fort McClellan, Alabama, and continuing to date at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
The Non-Lethal Weapons Requirement Fact Sheet (NLWRFS) is an official document published by the JNLWP that generalizes two initial capabilities documents and identifies requirements for nonlethal effects.
On the one hand, the JNLWP, and therefore DOD, do not define these capabilities as a technological gap that has to be bridged.
(21) Unfortunately, MASS has remained outside the JNLWP scope of interest.
forces and--even without the direct lead of the JNLWP or DOD--is able to produce such capabilities.
In 2012, the previous director of the JNLWP, in addressing the problem of NLW, published an article titled "From Niche to Necessity" in this journal, which stated that "accepting nonlethal weapons as an integral element of the warfighter's toolkit requires a cultural shift that is counterintuitive to the military, which understandably emphasizes the use of lethal force." (28) This shift has to start with the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program itself and the way in which it defines the desired NLW.
"Many of the systems displayed are currently in use in Afghanistan and Iraq," said Marine Colonel Dave Karcher, director of JNLWP.
Orientations like these are very important JNLWP capabilities and requirement specialist.
Dep't, Non-Lethal Weapons Annual Review 6 (2013) [hereinafter JNLWD 2013 Rev.], available at http:// jnlwp.defense.gov/Portals/50/Documents/Press_Room/Annual_Review s_Reports/2013/DoD_Non-Lethal_ Weapons_ Program_Annual_ Review_11.19.2012_HTML_format_vl.pdf (describing "[l]ow-energy dazzling lasers" as current technology in 2013 providing "discrete, nonverbal hailing and warning signals." with U.S.