JNLWPJoint Non-Lethal Weapons Program
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The Non-Lethal Weapons Requirement Fact Sheet (NLWRFS) is an official document published by the JNLWP that generalizes two initial capabilities documents and identifies requirements for nonlethal effects.
On the one hand, the JNLWP, and therefore DOD, do not define these capabilities as a technological gap that has to be bridged.
21) Unfortunately, MASS has remained outside the JNLWP scope of interest.
Many of the systems displayed are currently in use in Afghanistan and Iraq," said Marine Colonel Dave Karcher, director of JNLWP.
Orientations like these are very important JNLWP capabilities and requirement specialist.
JNLWP has planned computer simulations of the offensive use of calmative agents, contracted with a major US military supplier to develop an overhead-exploding chemical riot control mortar round, and field-tested new non-lethal weapons (but not biological ones) on humans in Kosovo.