JNMSJoint Network Management System
JNMSJournal of the Neuromusculoskeletal System
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LTC Ronald Jacobs, the Product Manager, Network Operations-Current Force at Fort Monmouth is moving forward with JNMS program restructuring as briefed to the Army's G6/G8, Signal Center and NETCOM; headquarters, U.
2) Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, JNMS.
According to Leesa Kow, General Manager of JNMS, the development of the brand proves the effortlessness of business in the present global environment, and its capability to allow partnerships which generate better outcomes for people in different parts of the world simultaneously.
For further information on JNMS, contact Russell Benoit or Billy Rogers, TCM NS, 706-791-7501/ 2334, respectively.
The results of the survey were briefed to the MDA and VDJ6 in May 2006 and the decision was made that a new strategy for the JNMS was required to meet changes in the joint operational environment.
The Army will award two JNMS contracts: one for software development and the other for training and support.
JNMS software incremental build efforts are on-going and are scheduled to deliver additional enhancements/capabilities to the field later this year and early 2007.
2] Assistant Professor, Department of ENT, JNMS, Porompat.
1] Assistant Professor, Department of Dentistry, JNMS, Manipur.
The MDA approved the JNMS to go into full rate production and also its type classification of Standard.
4] Senior Resident, Department of Medicine, JNMS, Porompat.