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JNNJournal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
JNNJapan News Network (TV news)
JNNJoint Network Node
JNNJournal of Neuroscience Nursing (American Association of Neuroscience Nurses)
JNNJournal of Neonatal Nursing
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My work with JNN has been personally and professionally fulfilling in many, many ways.
Accessing brigade shared files on their file-server connected off the JNN was so slow that it would take hours to upload one PowerPoint file.
Commanders have so praised the performance of JNN that the Army now wants to buy it for the entire force, at a cost of more than a billion dollars.
In November of 2007, the Director of the Experimentation Division reported that the experiment demonstrated that the JNN Network, with minor configuration changes, had the capability and scalability to support the additional TS/SCI traffic requirements for both current and future forces as defined by the Intelligence Center's COIC.
While typically the Army would not field a system until it has been approved for combat use by an independent testing agency, JNN was needed in such a rush that the Army waived the traditional tests.
Since the outlying JNN was like a hub, putting the servers at this central location alleviated the congestion of traffic going to the main TOC.
Expanding our involvement in the Army JNN initiative and the Marine Corps VSWAN and LSWAN initiatives, this award underscores DataPath's ability to meet joint requirements and highlights the military's increasing focus on interoperability.
The 319th Unit University currently has over 200 student Soldiers enrolled, and contains JNN, FBCB2, WIN-T, Promina, STT, COMSEC, tactical radios, fiber optics, and SKL training.
While the maneuver commander would be Army, the parent network the JNN would integrate into was to be Marine.
Exclusive online resources: Listserves, JNN, Clinical Practice Guidelines
With this issue, JNN completes 45 years of publication.