JNOCJapan National Oil Company (now Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation; est. 1967)
JNOCJapanese National Oil Corporation
JNOCJoint Nuclear Operations Center (US)
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In addition to the JCSE communications packages that were deployed to support JTF-Haiti, the value of the JNOC was validated during this operation.
74) Against this background, METI set ambitious targets for a revival of the old "autonomous development" strategy, but JNOC has now been disbanded, and there are no institutions or new financial resources available.
Founded in 1967 as a wholly government-funded firm, JNOC had financed oil and gas development projects in the private sector.
In light of criticisms over its loss-making business, which were funded by taxpayer money, the government decided to abolish JNOC in line with plans to reorganize and rationalize special public corporations in 2001.
JNOC said it has already approved the joint venture's closure of operations and the process of liquidation will be completed by March next year.
With the accord, METI gave up a plan to disband JNOC in March 2003 and immediately transfer its affiliated oil developers to a special company, a measure critics say would lead to leaving loss-making affiliates untouched.
Por el tipo de contrato que JNOC asegura haber obtenido de Pemex --se asigna una porcion de la zona a explorar, en donde la compania contratista se encarga de una amplia gama de servicios, desde la exploracion hasta el procesamiento de hidrocarburos--, se trata de un CSM.
The listing would signify the first public debut by any oil field developer whose shares are owned fully or partially by JNOC.
Like other oil and gas companies, JNOC considers many exploration issues proprietary.
These companies acquired UPD in 2002 by buying the shares of Japan's state-owned JNOC and other Japanese firms.
92 million outstanding shares, according to Inpex and JNOC.