JNTCJoint National Training Capability
JNTCJoint National Training Center
JNTCJoint Network Transport Capability
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The "Change Engine" in the military training field and exercises for all Headquarters and armed forces at the Romanian Army level, JNTC (located in Cincu, Bra[section]ov) makes use of the integrated real-constructive-virtual simulation for training environment's replication and, in addition, the existent infrastructure, training capabilities, and all type facilities, as well as the well-trained teams (SMEs--Subject Matter Experts) belonging to JNTC lead to a real increase in training quality and evaluation of the training for all the units involved in a training event or in a large-scale exercise.
The JNTC and the JKDDC are integrated, and we leverage each other's capabilities and technologies, but they are two separate programs.
As the author pointed out, this was a test to validate the JNTC concept, but it seems implausible to validate a joint training system when the full joint team is not participating.
The implications of the JNTC technology could be much broader as the Army continues to reorganize into modular brigades.
Additionally, in support of JNTC, the JFCOM J2 is investigating its ability to create a Joint Intelligence National Training Capability to leverage national, joint, and Service intelligence capabilities.
Thanks to the funds authorized in the 2004 budget, the JNTC's initial operating capability is scheduled to come online in October of this year.
The JNTC is still developing a model for emulating combat operations at a joint operational level--a daunting task-so personnel will execute many exercises at the rudimentary or intermediate levels for the next few years.
The centerpiece of the Department of Defense's plan to transform joint training, the JNTC will create a networked collection of training sites and nodes that will meet the training needs of both combatant commanders and the armed services.
"This document was developed using feedback from the initial JNTC event in January; collaborative efforts with the Joint Staff, the Services, U.S.
(1.) A key issue at the heart of transforming joint military training, U.S, Joint Forces Command's Joint Warfighting Center continues to develop and implement the Joint National Training Capability (JNTC).
On my recent visit to the Army's Joint National Training Center, an Army major participating in the JNTC exercise summed up the value of this new capability best.
Joint training at Red Flag will become increasingly important as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's Joint National Training Center (JNTC) initiative--part of his transformation planning guidance--takes shape.