JNTOJapan National Tourist Organization
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Responding to huge popularity of Japanese cuisine, the Organization to Promote Japanese Restaurant Abroad (JRO) and JNTO brought culinary and tourism together for the first time to a public event.
But the JNTO has been doing its own bit to promote tourism, ever since 2003, when it announced the goal of 10 million visitors in 2010, or double that year's figures.
Being a public relations manager for JNTO in New York, Goldberg is especially attuned to all the love Japan has been receiving from American media.
The decline was the biggest since Japan liberalized overseas sightseeing trips in 1964, the JNTO said.
Each pass, valid for 7, 14, or 21 days, must be purchased before leaving home (call the JNTO for location nearest you).
Attendees can meet with JNTO tourism experts, take home free brochures, and complete a survey to enter to win a free trip to Japan.
While JNTO has worked with different SIA offices around the globe on campaigns befoer, this is the first time that both have signed an overall MoU on an international level.
During the three months of the contest, JNTO received over 6,600 entries.
JNTO notes that while 42,567 Americans visited Japan in February, a 9 percent decline year-on-year, 112,988 Koreans (+13.
travel magazines three times in the coming months in an effort to educate local travel agents about Japan, JNTO officials said.
this year, hoping to achieve a growth of 10-15% to bring the total number above 1 million, JNTO officials said.
While JNTO has worked with various SIA offices around the world on similar campaigns previously, this is the first time both parties have signed an overall MoU on an international level.