JNZLJournal of New Zealand Literature
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Janet Wilson,(11) also in JNZL, moblises aspects of a postcolonial methodology in discussing notions of centre and periphery, in relation to Frame's self-positioning in "that" world, on the margins.
Fictive Strategies in Living in the Maniototo and The Carpathians," JNZL, 114-131.
She also sees Emma Fergusson's attack on 'Davis's praxis' as 'convincing' (17), whereas I thought that caricature had long ago been discredited, and did my best to provide an alternative view in my essay for JNZL 32 (2014).
The current issue carries the winning essay of the 2014 JNZL Prize.
The latter underwrites the JNZL Prize and an annual special issue.
by Terry Sturm (Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1998); Stephen Turner, 'Being Colonial/Colonial Being', JNZL, 20 (2002), 39-66; and Patrick Evans, The Long Fogetting (Christchurch: Canterbury University Press, 2007).
His support for JNZL as a contributor, a peer-reviewer, and as a prize judge, has been nothing short of heroic.
I am grateful to one of JNZL's readers for drawing my attention to Hughes's essay, which suggests that Baxter's relationship with Coleridge might deserve further investigation.
In this special issue we also remember two colleagues who helped make the 'Writing the Waikato' symposium a success, and sadly have died this year: Ken Arvidson, formerly Associate Professor of English at the University of Waikato and editor of the JNZL from 2001 to 2005; and Jason Waterman, a tutor and doctoral candidate in English.
This witching-hour has had all sorts of implications for JNZL. It may have contributed to this issue's high rejection rate: the essays in JNZL 29 (2011) represent just over 20% of those we considered as general submissions, producing a rejection rate of around 75%.
See Patrick Evans, 'The Case of the Disappearing Author', JNZL, 11 (1993), 11-20, and An Autobiography, p.
Displaying Maori at International Exhibitions, 1873-1924', JNZL, 23:1 (2005), 52-73.