JOAAJapan Organic Agriculture Association (est. 1971)
JOAAJapan Origami Airplane Association
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JOAA: In effect, the evolution of the journal seems to have mirrored the evolution of gifted education at the secondary level.
JOAA: You traced the history of what you thought had been happening in gifted education in the last 20 years.
JOAA: This is the last issue of JOAA that you are the official publisher.
I believe that JOAA, JSGE, and the Prufrock Journal have always been a place where we could talk about where we were headed.
JOAA: Why shouldK-12 teachers care about educational research?
JOAA: You once published articles about "nonstandard models"; what are these, and why are they important?
JOAA: You have lectured about some neglected relationships between cognitive psychology and statistics.
JOAA: Meta-analysis techniques provide important findings to educators, researchers, and to the public.
JOAA: There is an increase in reporting and evaluating effect sizes, confidence intervals, and confidence intervals around effect size in educational and psychological research.
JOAA: What do statisticians look for when they are reviewing manuscripts for peer reviewed journals?
JOAA: What line of research are you currently pursuing?
JOAA: How would you like your students and the field of education and psychology to remember you?