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Use of the term access is meant to parallel the concepts of operational access, assured access, and access to the commons used in DoD, particularly in the JOAC and JAM-GC.
4) This notion reflects the reality that some emerging models under the broad scope of JOAC such as Air-Sea Battle could be fundamentally insufficient to support that strategy since major military, political, and population objectives are too far inland to affect with a distant force lacking a sustained presence among the people.
Undefined in JP1-02; see JOAC for related definitions.
Based on the incident command model [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED], these involve a similar approach to the JOAC talking aloud exercises but focus on command of a major incident.
In the last two years JOAC have funded initiatives by Global Care to build six permanent school buildings in Kenya and Ethiopia, a cyclone / flood-proof community building in Bangladesh and a day centre for children in disabilities in Uganda.
The JOAC specifically states that efforts to disable such networks in war re quire not only kinetic means but also deception and concealment.
Subordinate or complementary concepts will be developed, botli to support the operationalization of the ASB Concept and to support the JOAC and the CCJO.
Global Care CEO John White said: "We are very grateful to JOAC for the funding they have approved, which will help us make a significant difference in the lives of some very vulnerable children and young people.
27) To this end, the JOAC specifically addresses the need for greater and more flexible integration of cyberspace operations into the traditional land-sea-air battlespace.
During the multi-year implementation process of ASB and JOAC, Service-level and combatant commander-1 eve I organizations must review, revise, and (in some cases) develop the necessary TTPs based on the results of wargaming, experimentation, tactics development, and exercises/cross-domain training events, Joint TTPs are already developed collaboratively by the Services; ASS will seek closer, earlier, and more ubiquitous collaboration on how best to operate, share information, and train the force to proficiency.
Global Care chief executive John White said: "We are very grateful to JOAC for the funding, which will enable us to make immediate improvements.