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As mentioned earlier, the purpose of such strikes would not be to destroy these capabilities outright but to degrade PLA strike and war-fighting capabilities, thereby achieving the JOAC objective of helping ensure access for follow-on U.S.
As noted in the JOAC, this requirement of broader and continuous collection has implications for "steady state sizing, systemic capacity, and analytic technologies of intelligence forces." (46)
JAM-GC builds on the established central JOAC idea of cross-domain synergy.
Paul Rowell, Global Care's head of operations, said: "We are absolutely delighted at news of these latest grants, and also with JOAC's continuing confi-dence in our ability to deliver these projects, with long-term impact for their initial investment."
The ASB Concept is also a supporting concept to and thus complements the overarching Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's force development vision detailed in the Capstone Concept for Joint Operations: Joint Force 2020 (CCJO), JOAC, and the emerging Joint Concept for Entry Operations (JCEO).
(4) This notion reflects the reality that some emerging models under the broad scope of JOAC such as Air-Sea Battle could be fundamentally insufficient to support that strategy since major military, political, and population objectives are too far inland to affect with a distant force lacking a sustained presence among the people.
* Undefined in JP1-02; see JOAC for related definitions.
The information gathered through the job analysis workshops has been used to design assessment centres, junior officer assessment centres (JOACs), now in use within the LFB.
Defense Dept., Joint Operational Access Concept (JOAC), Version 1.0 (Washington, DC: January 17, 2012).
The two with the highest profile are the Joint Operational Access Concept (JOAC) and AirSea Battle (ASB) which nests within it on the chain that leads upwards to the Defense Strategic Guidance.
(4.) Department of Defense, Joint Operational Access Concept (JOAC), version 1.0 (Washington, DC: Department of Defense, 17 January 2012), 6,
The grant has been awarded to Global Care by the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission (JOAC), to rebuild a school at Seeta Nazigo, a small rural township in Kampala District.