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JOAGJack of All Games (video game distributor)
JOAGJuvenile-onset Open-Angle Glaucoma
JOAGJunior Officer Advisory Group
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Because myopia was reported to be associated with JOAG, some differences in anterior segment parameters and AL are expected in these patients.
In this study, the diagnostic of criteria was defined by a normal anterior chamber angle and two of the following symptoms: (1) IOP > 21 mmHg (no IOP lowering therapy); (2) characteristic visual field defects; (3) glaucomatous optic nerve head changes (cup-disc [C/D] ratio >0.6 or notches); JOAG was diagnosed when patients' age at the time of POAG diagnosis was younger than 35 years.
The latter were presented in juxtaposition with Nikhil Chopra's riveting photograph of his epic Tuscan costumed performance and Joag's luminous army of glowing, wired sculptural figures.
Of course, the issue becomes compounded if the artist is high-profile and has a large following, Joag points out.
Joag, who is known to have given himself a famous suffix -- public intervention artist -- has been working on the idea of displacement for long.
While working wives use restaurants, takeout, and home food delivery services more, these effects were most pronounced for high occupational status wives (Joag, Gentry and Hopper 1985; Nickols and Fox 1983; Schaninger and Allen 1981; Schaninger, Nelson, and Danko 1993), reflecting work and time pressures, non-conventional gender role norms, and higher incomes.
So far six loci (GLC1A-GLC1F) and two genes (T1GR/MYOC and OPTN) are involved in the development of juvenile (JOAG) and adult onset or chronic primary open angle glaucoma (COAG), while two loci (GLC3A, GLC3B) and one gene (CYP1B1) are known for primary congenital glaucoma (PCG).
The VGE is an excellent complement to JOAG's distribution line and we expect it to be received enthusiastically."
Sacred Scared: Angelo da Fonseca, Rohini Devasher, Jehangir Jani, Tushar Joag, Tyeb Mehta, Veer Munshi, Pushpamala N., Akbar Padamsee, Sudhir Patwardhan, Prajakta Palav, Sahej Rahal, Gargi Raina, Gigi Scaria, and Kartik Sood, curated by Nancy Adajania
Those which utilized attitudinal or occupational status-based subdivisions of working wives, and which examined other consumption criteria, generally reached more supportive conclusions (Douglas, 1976a; Joag, Gentry, and Hopper, 1985; Schaninger and Allen, 1981).
Chemould Prescott Road Celebrates 50 Years of Contemporary Art with Aesthetic Bind: Phantomata--third of five exhibitions curated by Geeta Kapur: Nikhil Chopra, Pratul Dash, Tushar Joag, Ranbir Kaleka, Sonia Khurana, Susanta Mandal, Pushpamala N, Baiju Parthan, Mithu Sen, Sudarshan Shetty, Kiran Subbaiah, L.
Sacred: Rohini Devasher, Tushar Joag, Veer Munshi, Pushpamala N., Prajakta Palav, Sahej Rahel, Gargi Raina, Gigi Scaria, and Kartik Sood, curated by Nancy Adajania