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"The newly-built Burn Unit from the Rotary Club of Joam will also accommodate neighboring towns and cities like Rizal.
Let us take, for example, Joam Airas, a bourgeois from Santiago, who was never Portuguese, but who belongs to "Portuguese literature" in all Lusitanian literary histories owing to the fact that in the national reconstruction of that time linguistic criteria (i.e., Galician Portuguese) prevails over criteria of origin.
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Antonio Mendez, Alvaro Tavares, Joam de Valasco, and Dos Pro [Domingos Pereira].
He published his report on the country in 1542, entitled Verdadera Informacam das terras de Preste Joam. From his account, we learn that the Portuguese sent him there on a mission to convert the Ethiopians to Roman Catholic Christianity.
On 20 March 1527, for example, Framcysquo de Fygeyredo paid duties for imported cloth on behalf of Ysabell Carneyro, who lived in Porto and had been the wife of the late Joam Alvarez Asys.