JOASJaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (Malay: Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia)
JOASJournal of Oriental and African Studies
JOASJapanese Origami Academic Society
JOASJuvenile-Onset Ankylosing Spondylitis
JOASJewish Older Adult Services (various locations)
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There have in fact been very few defaults under JOAs on the UKCS or other tax and royalty regimes.
In other JOA news, the lawsuit filed by the Las Vegas Sun against the former owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal remains in limbo as Little Rock's Stephens Inc.
Newspaper Joint Operating Agreements (JOAs) are joint ventures between metropolitan daily newspapers in the same metropolitan area.
In this way, local people benefit rather than only concentrating on attracting foreign or big investors that take money out of the community," Joas says.
Several existing JOAs today include single advertising representation.
In granting the newspaper industry an exemption to anti-trust laws, the court recognized that preserving a marketplace of ideas trumped the monopolistic economic model that JOAs represent.
Compared with AoAS patients, JoAS patients were significantly younger (average 50 vs.
The Post and the Rocky entered into their business arrangement in 2001, and the four executives had been invited by the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the University of Denver to discuss the success of the joint operating agreement, which in the newspaper trade is called a "JOA."
In practice, it has done little to stanch newspaper closures--15 of the original 28 JOAs have ended with just one paper left standing--and much to prevent new voices from entering markets in the first place.
This would not have been the "creation" of a JOA, since you can't have a JOA with only one operator.