JOBBJournal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes
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MUGSHOTS Julie and Tony Wadsworth were suspended from jobbs by the BBC in December 2015
He in turn rewarded his clever servant Pepys: "I will do you all the good Jobbs I can," he promised, and quickly got him a post as clerk of the acts with the Navy Board and a second job at the Privy Seal.
LOe I the Maior of Qinborough Town by name, With all my brethren saving one that's lame; Are come as fast as fyery mil-horse gallops, To meet thy grace, thy Queene, & her fair Trollops, For reason of our comming do no look, It must be don, I finde it i'th Town-book: And yet not I my selfe, I scorne to read, I keep a Clarck to do these jobbs at need.