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Jobb said it was too early to comment on how the regulations would impact the industry.
(44) Jobb, supra note 26 at 194-95; Robert Martin, Media Law (Toronto: Irwin Law, 1997) at 93.
Julian Godfrey (Ford Fiesta), the current British champion, is also expected to be at the business end of the title battle while Ulsterman Derrick Jobb takes the wheel of the Ford Escort in which John Haffey won the 2002 GP.
Ian Bellerby, Ian Jobb and Andy O'Connell are out, with David Carson, George Lincoln and Dominic Slater in.
As noted by Jobb (1994), "There were no survivors, but there were plenty of allegations that Westray had been a disaster waiting to happen" (p.
What safety can we have at home, while our Peace is at the mercy of such Men, and 'tis in their Power to Jobb the Nation into Feuds among our selves, and to declare a new sort of Civil War among us when they please?
Lettest for fedre a ta seg fri fra jobb (Easier for fathers to take time off work).
We used maximum-likelihood (ML, Felsenstein 1981), as implemented in TREEFINDER 2008 (Jobb 2004), and Bayesian estimation as implemented in MRBAYES 3.1.2 (Huelsenbeck & Ronquist 2001), using the model selected by MODELTEST.
(9) Please see Dean Jobb, Shades of Justice (1987), and Alan Hustak, They Were Hanged (1987), for more detailed examinations of the Farmer case.
In 1966 the Library Committee in Edmonton commissioned outside experts to do a report about the library and, according to Peel, "it was very apparent to them that the Library Committee thought it was running the library and that the librarian was about like the caretaker who sweeps the floor." (Patricia Jobb, "Biography of a Librarian: Bruce Braden Peel" (unpublished research paper for Master of Library Science degree, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1987,67).
In the Novice race, Miss Muddy Paws (Davies Huntington) with only one previous win this year, although she has been placed on numerous occasions, gave her pilot Melanie Langford another win beating the lightlyraced Hasty Flight (Williams Llanafan) with Duggan's Domino (Gwatkin Even jobb) in third.
It is thus customary that scholars like Dean Jobb allude to Acadia's "paradise lost" (2005, 9), and Leonard Pitt, in turn, to the "halcyon days" (1966, 1) of Mexican California.