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JOBSJob Opportunities and Basic Skills
JOBSJumpstart Our Business Strength Act (US Senate Bill 1637)
JOBSJob Opportunities in the Business Sector
JOBSJoint Ontario Business Sector (Ontario, Canada)
JOBSJob Opportunity Bank Service
JOBSJustifiable Obnoxious Battle for Survival :-)
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But the vacancy did not occur, nor did a steady job; and I employed the time between odd jobs with writing a twenty-one- thousand-word serial for the "Youth's Companion." I turned it out and typed it in seven days.
With my new responsibilities I didn't dare go to sea, and I failed to find a job at laundrying.
He had his home, as it happened, and some one who would care for him it he never got a job; but his son could not help thinking, suppose this had not been the case.
The stupid workers wrangled and snarled over jobs. The clever masters rode in automobiles and did not wrangle and snarl.
"You give me that bow-wow, and I'll smash Hanson right now, and you got the job right away--come to work in the morning."
'Well, sir,' said Mrs Plornish, a civil woman, 'not to deceive you, he's gone to look for a job.'
But he's come into money some way or other, Job Rowsell has.
'My mas'r's the man you want, I see.' And after a slight resistance on the part of Job Trotter, Sam led his newly-found friend to the apartment of Mr.
Job did make life kinder uneasy for him," reflected Captain Jim.
"What's any more dangerous than that job up yon- der -- but nothing's come of it."
That gentleman was depicted as an intelligent, dignified businessman who had no patience with his brother-in-law's socialistic views, and no patience with the brother-in-law, either, whom he was quoted as characterizing as a lazy good-for-nothing who wouldn't take a job when it was offered to him and who would go to jail yet.
"He'll be the boy for the clean job," said the oldsters to one another, and waited their time until they could set him to his work.