JOCCPJunior Officer Cryptological Career Program (US DoD)
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The JOCCP provides a unique opportunity for officers to be exposed to each component of the cryptologic enterprise aiding in their development of in-depth knowledge of capabilities and resources of the NSA/CSS.
Historically, Army officers accepted into JOCCP completed professional military education via satellite Command and General Staff Officer Course (CGSOC) and receive Advanced Operations Course (AOC) credit from JOCCP.
JOCCP offers a unique opportunity for officers to gain tremendous depth and breadth in SIGINT knowledge unparalleled in other intelligence disciplines.
The immediate impact of JOCCP graduatesin Army units is through the integration of signals intelligence into the lethal and non-lethal targeting process and intelligence preparation of the environment.
The daily operations of the JOCCP, WOCCP, and MECCP all fall to the executive agent for the programs, Mr.
Efforts are also ongoing to align the WOCCP with JOCCP by assigning graduates an additional skill identifier, 3W, that will assist in force management through the course of their careers.