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JODAJapanese Overseas Disaster Assistance (Japan)
JODAJohn Day Fossil Beds National Monument (US National Park Service)
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Bankole SA and AO Joda Effect of lemon grass (Cynbopogun citratus Stapf.
Particularly notable are Michael Copon's deft footwork and the break dancing and other athletic moves performed by Derf (Eknock) and Joda (Lorenzo Hooker III).
It was, observers remarked, a judicious combination of qualities to bring together the two men--Alhaji Ahmed Joda, a veteran journalist and consummate administrator, and the younger Ernest Ndukwe, an engineer drawn from the nation's telecom industry, where he had been chief executive of multinational telecom companies.
The best-known Jedi knights," he intoned, displaying an uncanny knowledge of the series "are Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Joda and I've seen them all remove their hoods without going over to the Dark Side.
Two types of suspensions were used: iron and manganese ores (gifts from Joda Mines, Jharkand, India).
Other contenders are Christine Joda, from London' Chantelle Codner, from Manchester' Ian Davidson, from Liverpool and Carol Gayle, from Nottingham.
The ship, the original of which was once captained by James Cook, has now been taken over by Joda Developments, which is to host corporate events on the vessel.
We were particularly concerned that with technical publications, pushing too much online could be a negative, especially since we heard from some members who [said] they still [wanted] to retain print," says Monica Joda Baruth, AWWA's director of publishing.
Swedish translations of well in ESPC Category Translation n Discourse particle ja 22 tja 15 na 8 naval 6 nja 6 jaha 5 jo 5 naja 4 da ('then') 4 dasa ('then so') 2 nej 4 jasa 3 all right 2 okej 1 jaaa 1 ne-ej 1 javisst 1 just det ('just that') 1 joda 1 i alla fall ('anyhow') 1 oh 1 discourse particle + modal naja vu 3 particle discourse particle + ja .
Hoover and Oscar Joda are professors of economics at the University of California.
168) does not necessarily indicate "vepetition" (or even intensity of action), but combines with an appropriate verb to specify Aktionsart: langan langan az u joda misod 'he limped away from her' (to revise the too-literal English translation 'he left her, limping').
July 4 and 5, dancers perform at Lahaina Joda Mission, 12 Ala Moana Street, Lahaina; 661-4304.