JOEMJournal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
JOEMJournal of Environmental Medicine
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On Tuesday, September 18, 2007, Long will be presenting results from the JOEM study "The cost of lifestyle health risks: Obesity" at the Disease Management Leadership Forum's Obesity Management Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Li never agreed to the retraction and is seeking to republish the study in another peer-reviewed journal, which the JOEM has prevented by refusing to release its copyright according to Dr.
While not challenging the science or findings of the 1997 study, JOEM nonetheless retracted it in 2006 based on alleged violations of JOEM editorial policy for failing to include a footnote acknowledging research support of the American scientific consultants.
I expressed my frustration with being powerless to prevent the JOEM from making a wrong decision in a conversation with a local Chinese reporter and with someone who called me on behalf of Dr.
There was inadequate instruction to authors by JOEM when this was submitted in 1995.
Li sent a letter to the JOEM reiterating her objection to its decision to retract the publication, and calling on the JOEM to issue a public apology and to republish the 1997 study.