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JOESJapan Overseas Educational Services
JOESJumpers over Eighty Society (parachuting)
JOESJose Ortega Elementary School (San Francisco, CA)
JOESJungle Operations Extraction System
JOESJob Options Evaluation Session (military aptitude testing; Australia)
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Joe has been out a dozen times, looking for you, Pip.
She sot down," said Joe, "and she got up, and she made a grab at Tickler, and she Ram-paged out.
Joe gave a pull at his necktie and a twitch at his jacket, and was off in a moment.
Joe was enthusiastic about some morning-effect sketches he was doing in Central Park, and Delia packed him off breakfasted, coddled, praised and kissed at 7 o'clock.
And then Joe, with the air of a Monte Cristo, drew forth a ten, a five, a two and a one--all legal tender notes--and laid them beside Delia's earnings.
When Mr Willet, in his differences with his son, had exhausted all the questions that occurred to him, and Joe had said nothing at all in answer, he generally wound up by bidding him hold his tongue.
I don't suppose anything of the kind,' returned Joe.
In and out of the stores of Winesburg went Joe Welling--silent, excessively polite, intent upon his business.
So, when the doctor conceived the project of crossing Africa through the air, for Joe the thing was already done; obstacles no longer existed; from the moment when the doctor had made up his mind to start, he had arrived --along with his faithful attendant, too, for the noble fellow knew, without a word uttered about it, that he would be one of the party.
She had always liked the physical presentment of Joe, but it was a presentment of clothes, and she had thought the pleasingness of it due to the neatness and taste with which he dressed.
On 1 May she would have thanked Eddy politely for his trouble, adding, however, that she would really prefer not to meet poor Joe again.
Joe watched, with bulging eyes, a few shirts and several changes of underclothes come out of the box, followed by books, and more books.