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The JOF, in addition to rejecting the result, said its newly elected lawmakers would not take the oath or take their seats in Parliament.
Jof studied at the Paul Mitchell The School in San Diego, California.
Luke Blakemore, Bradley Strand, Jof Walsh and Harry Woods were part of a 17-strong England club select to make the trip to the southern reaches of Europe.
John, who's known locally by his nickname, Jof, said: "My mum, Lynne Dudley, used to be a barber years ago at Chris's Barbers in Duke Street, Middlesbrough, near the bus station.
JOf course, we're not talking about King Alfred the Great of Wessex.
INTRODUCTION: Juvenile ossifying fibroma (JOF) is an uncommon fibro-osseous neoplasm which occurs in individuals under 15 years of age.
By contrast, juvenile ossifying fibroma (JOF) most often originates outside the tooth root in the maxilla, paranasal sinuses, or orbit.
--By Sabine Vollmer (, a Jof A senior editor.
Top weight went to Daniel Coss with 80-14-0 from peg 99, with Maurice Williams only 10oz behind with 80-4-0 and Jof Rogers third with 77-8-0.
Acting head of the EUPOL mission in Afghanistan, Jof Li Koper, promised the organisation would continue helping the AGO in fighting corruption and staff training and equipping police.
In 2004, after the death of her father, Fatima's half-brothers filed a petition in the General Court of Jof asking the judge to divorce her from Mansour because he was from an "inferior background" and the marriage ruined the "family reputation".