JOHEJournal of Hospital Ethics (Washington Hospital Center; Washington, DC)
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Strategic FM Workplace management performance management/ space management Facilities 9 17 4 IJoFM 2 2 4 JoCRE 8 2 13 JoPCF 3 JoHE 2 JoHSRP 9 The Gerontologist 4 Building Asset performance management Facilities 7 7 IJoFM 1 5 JoCRE 1 11 JoPCF 5 1 JoHE 12 JoHSRP 2 The Gerontologist 2 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Johe will now focus exclusively on the development of new products.
Johe provided a pretty strong endorsement for Braque demeanor but finding a likable bird dog is only part of the equation, which is why I next asked him how they are to hunt with.
Johe presented encouraging preliminary results from the first cohort of patients in the Phase 1 NSI-566 feasibility study for treatment of paralysis from stroke.
Authors on thepaper are Leyan Xu, Jun Yan, David Chen, Annie Welsh, Karl Johe, Glen Hatfield and Koliatsos of Hopkins, and Thomas Hazel of Neuralstem Inc., of Rockville, Md.
According to Karl Johe, PhD, Neuralstem chairman of the board and chief scientific officer, this will be the first stem-cell trial to treat chronic SCI patients.
"Loss of hippocampal volume is a known characteristic in depressed patients," said CSO Karl Johe. "NSI-189 stimulates neurogenesis and increases hippocampal volume in healthy adult mice, at the same time reversing behavioral symptoms in mouse depression models, so it could address depression at the source."
The company is very encouraged by what it has learned transplanting the first six ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) patients in its FDA-approved trial in Atlanta, said Karl Johe, Neuralstem's chief scientific officer and board chairman.
"The long-tenn follow up data is very encouraging," said Karl Johe of Neuralstem (NYSE MKT: CUR).
"The long-term follow up data is very encouraging," said Karl Johe of Neuralstem (NYSE MKT: CUR).
"We believe that cervical injections are critical to actually being able to improve the quality of life, and ultimately extend the life, of ALS patients," said CSO Karl Johe. "The trial has progressed as expected."