JOHIMJO Hambro Investment Management Ltd (UK)
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The sale of JOHIM, which has around 100 members of staff, could fetch around GBP60m, another report said.
The JOHIM Sterling Bond Fund, which is benchmarked against the FTSE UK All Stocks Gilt Index, has a highly flexible approach to duration and credit.
Jeff Keen, director and co-head of fixed income at JOHIM, said, "We see most value in the lower tranches of investment grade (A/BBB) and remain highly selective on names.
JOHIM, which specialises in the management of investment portfolios for private clients, will also use the new solution to enhance its investment service with a high level of quality reporting, via the Web.
Andrew Steel, finance director at JOHIM, commented, "We believe APSYS is well positioned to provide great flexibility and is the ideal multi-currency solution to support us in providing excellent service to our discerning international clientele.