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JOIAJapan Organic Inspectors Association (Miyagi, Japan)
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Ramos and Joia (2014) pointed out that businesses should create strategies to maintain these professionals, since they seek opportunities for career-growth, beyond the technical skills, together with subjects that do not follow a routine.
Joia 2 and Tropical had the highest means for firmness, indicating postharvest potential for this characteristic, since flesh firmness is related to resistance to transport and shelf life (Wagner Jr.
Three artists will be at Hexham and the others at Joia Glass in Kirkharle.
2004), por otro lado, hacen alusion a la cultura, la estructura, el aprendizaje organizativo, los procesos y los sistemas de informacion, mientras que Joia (2004) estima que esta compuesto por la cultura, la estructura, las operaciones, los procesos, las bases de datos, los codigos, los estilos de direccion y las redes internas.
Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson, second left, with Liverpool Waterfront Business Partnership directors, Amy de Joia, Jenny Douglas, Ian Pollitt, Sue Grindrod and Bob Prattey
No segundo artigo, Antecedentes a Resistencia a Sistemas Empresariais: A Perspectiva de Gestores Brasileiros, David Gradvohl Macedo, Luciano Gaete e Luiz Antonio Joia, "por meio de survey .
The Department of Defense had created a top-secret, elite task force called the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, or JOIA.
Sponsors include Dev Jam, Azul 7, Girls in Tech, Joia Soda's, Reve Consulting, and Young Education Professionals-Twin Cities.
1997; TEO; KING, 1997; LUFTMAN, 2000; HIRSCHHEIM; SABHERWAL, 2001; KEARNS; SABHERWAL, 2006; BRODBECK; HOPPEN, 2003; SOUZA; JOIA, 2009) in order to verify and evaluate the strategic alignment and the IT practices inside the organizations.