JOIDESJoint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling
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The Company had one scientific core-drilling vessel 'JOIDES Resolution' that recorded operating revenues of USD7.0 million (2018: USD7.0 million) and an operating margin before administrative expenses of USD4.1 million (2018: USD4.3 million).
"The Earth is a big place and there are big parts of the Earth which have never really been studied, and Zealandia is an opportunity to study a very significant part of the Earth that has had very little information from it," co-chief scientist Rupert Sutherland said in a ( video from the JOIDES Resolution YouTube channel.
More information about the expedition, live blogs and twitter feeds can be found at joides
This article was written for Pacific Ecologist aboard the Scientific Ocean Drilling Vessel Joides Resolution off the Coast of Antarctica in February 2010.
Extension of ocean drilling to multiple platforms will include improvements to the JOIDES Resolution, a riser-equipped drill-ship under construction in Japan that will operate in deeper waters, continental margins, and gas-prone regions, as well as mission-specific platforms such as jack-up rigs and ice-breakers.
We are grateful for the help and company of both captain and crew of the JOIDES Resolution, as well as the ODP marine technicians, shipboard scientists, co-chief scientists and staff scientist.
The scanner has been tested on two field missions--one off the Oregon coast aboard the research ship Joides Resolution and one last winter on the North Slope of Alaska.
In February 2001, the Joides Resolution, the 143-metre drilling platform flagship for the Ocean Drilling Program, arrived in Townsville, prepared for its latest drilling research.
Last month, the ship JOIDES Resolution installed two more CORKS in a seismically active area off Costa Rica--bringing the worldwide total to 19.
Aboard the JOIDES Resolution drillship, Edgcomb worked with Jason Sylvan, a microbiologist from Texas A&M University, to examine rock samples cored out of the seafloor as the drilling crew pulled them up.
Beth Orcutt of the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences used the JOIDES Resolution, a sophisticated 470-foot scientific drilling vessel operated by the international Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), to sample the muddy and sandy sediments that blanket the rocks on the seafloor, as well as drill into the hard crustal rocks themselves in order to understand how microbes can "breathe" and get the energy necessary to live in this remote environment.