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JOINJournal of Interconnection Networks
JOINJapan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (Japan)
JOINJob Opportunities in Nevada (Reno, NV)
JOINJoint On-Demand Interoperability Network (US Army)
JOINJewish Ozzies' Inter.Net (Australia)
JOINJoint Opportunities for Independence (West Virginia)
JOINJoint Optical Information Network
JOINJoint Operational Information Network
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Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?
"My children, join your hands," said Father Ephraim.
The object of the ceremony was clear to me; in another moment Dejah Thoris would be joined forever to the Prince of Zodanga.
There is no common boundary at which the syllables join, but each is separate and distinct from the rest.
Robert M'Lellan joins the Party- John Day, a Virginia Hunter.
'Come with us on my ship,' he answered; and the man made no objections, but joined them; and the ship flew on, and on, and on, till suddenly the Simpleton, looking down on the road below, beheld a man aiming with a gun into the distance.
They saw new troops arrive every day at the enemy's camp, and their small number grew less continually; their friends at Mazna could not join them; they knew not how to procure provisions, and could put no confidence in the Abyssins; yet recollecting the great things achieved by their countrymen, and depending on the Divine protection, they made no doubt of surmounting all difficulties.
Helpless in his bed, he now asks you to take the will for the deed, and to join him in Paris.
She had no desire to sleep or to retire; nor did she feel like going over to sit with the Ratignolles, or to join Madame Lebrun and a group whose animated voices reached her as they sat in conversation before the house.
A bridge of planks thrown over the fosses for the greater convenience of the maneuvers connected with the barrows, joined the interior to the exterior.
"If any opportunity falls in your way after you have taken the house, and before we join you, of exchanging a few civil words either with Mr.
Joshua Rann, having a slight touch of rheumatism, did not join in the ringing of the bells this morning, and, looking on with some contempt at these informal greetings which required no official co-operation from the clerk, began to hum in his musical bass, "Oh what a joyful thing it is," by way of preluding a little to the effect he intended to produce in the wedding psalm next Sunday.