JOKJohnny O'Keefe (rocker)
JOKJoshkar-Ola (Russia)
JOKJesus Orienteering Klubb (UK)
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The team was very pleased with the fast improvement in Dut Jok Chalic Jok's vision and the normalization of his eye pressure again."
Jok also declined to confirm the country where Machar is hiding.
TEXT JOKE JOK XT J JOKJOKEKEOF w THE WEEK ea h fo E e lion game THE search for the Essex lion was called off and the cost was millions.
Justice Minister John Luk Jok says he saw bodies strewn across the scene of the raid.
Fathya is a married woman with three daughters and one son, is working in one of transportation company was interviewd today by Bahraini daily '' Al Wasat'' about this achievment which started as a jok and ended to reality.
[Jok Madut Jok is associate professor of history at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.]
Sergeant Jok was not a big man, but he was as tough as they come.
Jok Madut Jok, associate professor of history at Loyola Marymount University, will present the lecture.
jOK, call him a Baseline Braveheart for starters - but I sincerely hope we all escape a bout of Murraymania.
Two other bombs exploded almost simultaneously in the nearby districts of Tak Bai and Ba Jok, but no one was injured in those blasts, according to the police.
Both of these models require an understanding of the concept of jok, which is common to many Nilotic-speaking peoples, including the Acholi.