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Harkening back to a story told by Daniel Laemouahuma Jatta in "The Cutting Room Floor" extra included on The Librarian and the Banjo, Tony Jatta and Theresa Senghore discuss a historical Jola tale concerning the akonting.
Though men are considered superior to women in legal and political domains in Jola society, women also have considerable amount of power both inside and outside the family realm.
Languages: English (official), Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, Jola, Sarahule, other indigenous languages.
Aa"Our business goes back to my aunt, Haji Amina Jola.
The winners of this year's Wheelathon were: Charlotte Axtell, Sam Edwards, Tatiana Bainbridge, George Axtell, Bradley Lenard, Kyle Nair, Michael Witter, Neelofar Dungawallar, D Al Hindawi, Jola Oyebanjo, Puna Hanson-Singh, Fiona Quirke, Sarah Wilson, Richard Bass, Team - Latin Power and Nadia Zuchelli.
It is a sport for young and old, male and female, rich and poor, blind and sighted, Jola and Mandingo, Fula and Serahuli.
when the island was invaded by Jola king from South India, and then Sri Lanka was under Hindu kings for 50 years.
It is claimed the boy died from two blows to the head but Rosales, of La Jola, Texas, says she slipped and fell on him while lifting him up.
Jola Forys, who began her nursing career at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 1985, became one of the first community children's nurses to be appointed in the UK 20 years' later.
Not surprisingly, the younger Ward retained an especially fond memory of Van Meegeren's pretty stepdaughter, Jola, who had accompanied the forger on at least one of these trips.
Zanemvula, Zwelinzima's father and his headmen, created a split between Zwelinzima and the amaMpondomise customs and traditions by taking him away from the Jola people to his uncle, Gcinizibele, for protection.
Tonga went ahead in the seventh minute when centre Huafanga crossed with Jola adding the conversion.