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Elles sont toujours au premier rang a l'eglise et a la promenade; une blonde superbe, une jolie espiegle, une belle brune.
Il fait la cour a une jeune et jolie femme, and a husband who's a man of the world should only be flattered by it.
Those little shepherds were supposed to have looked down upon /la mere beaute/, and upon /la plus jolie fille de France/ as she danced her incomparable minuets.
At first I did not like it much, because what makes a town pleasant ce sont les jolies femmes,* isn't that so?
Jolie arrived in Mardin with a private jet on Friday night.
Today we are happy to expand our family of Jolie Academies as we open our new campus in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
com/news/156428_jennifer_aniston_talks_angelina_jolie_rivalry/) ET , the 45-year-old actress spared a rare moment to talk about Jolie, and what a generous talk it has been
Evil Maleficent, whom Jolie portrays in Disney's new live-action spin on its animated classic ''Sleeping Beauty,'' conversely ''seemed to be having a great time,'' Jolie said.
Jolie Dame Ladies Salon currently operates eight outlets - seven in Saudi Arabia and one in the UAE - and offers a mix of friendly ambience and world-class products to extend services and treatments, as also experiences to give the desired look and feel to the customers at its branches.
Jolie is survived by his wife, Kathy, of 39 years; daughter Kristen (Dustin Roberts); four grandchildren; three brothers; as well as many nieces and nephews.
Jolie will be presented with the honorary Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award on November 16.