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"Quel nom a cetter jeune demoiselle en les pantoulles jolis?"
And then, c'est un interieur si joli, si comme il faut.
For young lovers at their windows; for every one fortunate enough to have seen it: "Qu'il est joli ce paysage du Paris nocturne d'il y a cent ans!" We think we shall best do justice to an unusually pretty book by taking one of M.
"Par derriere chez ma tante, Il y a un bois joli, Et le rossignol y chante Et le jour et la nuit...
Alaska Railroad and local airlines are good about working with groups to provide travel discounts for convention and meeting participants, Jolis said.
"People just assume it will cost more because of travel, but at least in the case of Fairbanks, the city's competitive room rates often offset any additional travel costs," Jolis said.
Jolis and staff decided that between the Carlson Center, which hosts most major concert and sporting events in Fairbanks, and Pioneer Park, which has several facilities, there was enough convention space.
"Basically, the mayor (borough Mayor Jim Whitaker) took the ball and ran with it," Jolis said.
Most estimates, including Jolis', put the convention contribution to a community at no less than $4 million, just in direct convention activities.
The economic benefit is not lost on Jolis, nor on Anchorage officials who say the absence of the convention this veal will be a blow.
Jolis said another important factor with the AFN board was that the community demonstrated a willingness to offer some financial incentive to the board.
"There was feeling at the AFN board level that they wanted the community that hosted AFN to show community support by assisting AFN financially to produce it," Jolis said.