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Almost at the instant of impact I turned my bows upward, and then with a shattering jolt we were in collision.
Her body bounded at every jolt of the tumbrel like a dead or broken thing; her gaze was dull and imbecile.
With a jolt it stopped before the cottage, and a black-haired giant leaped out to run up onto the porch.
At length, a jolt more sever than the others announced to them that they had cleared the last watercourse.
So it will not jolt thy fat too much, onward, say I.
They could not think of it as anything but a jolt, a hitch, a mere oscillatory indication of the swiftness of their progress.
When I live like a man, I drink like a man - a jolt now an' again when I feel like it, an' that's all.
I jolt dem right out in deh street before dey knows where dey is
Rachel felt that she had received a severe mental jolt.
But there is times when a good stiff jolt lands on the right spot kerchunk, and this is sure one of them.
The two fugitives were just about to dive into the sea when the Shark sneezed very suddenly and, as he sneezed, he gave Pinocchio and Geppetto such a jolt that they found themselves thrown on their backs and dashed once more and very unceremoniously into the stomach of the monster.
With the first jolt he was in daylight; they had left the gateways of King's Cross, and were under blue sky.