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JOLTSJob Openings and Labor Turnover Survey
JOLTSJuvenile Online Tracking System (various locations)
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The first jolt had like to have shaken me out of my hammock, but afterward the motion was easy enough.
As to the worthy convive of the preceding evening, he was carefully gathered up from the hunter's couch on which he lay, repentant and supine, and, being packed upon one of the horses, was hurried forward with the convoy, groaning and ejaculating at every jolt.
I jolt dem right out in deh street before dey knows where dey is
The two fugitives were just about to dive into the sea when the Shark sneezed very suddenly and, as he sneezed, he gave Pinocchio and Geppetto such a jolt that they found themselves thrown on their backs and dashed once more and very unceremoniously into the stomach of the monster.
Wardle, exhausted with shouting, had done the same, when a tremendous jolt threw them forward against the front of the vehicle.
In a training session, the researchers taught participants to expect one of three intensities of painful heat, depending on the delay between a tone and the jolt.
Take a stab at 100 Jolts, and let his mind electrify you.
Judge Robert Hippe of Scotts Bluff County contends that state prison officials' practice of using four separate jolts of electricity to execute inmates causes undue suffering.
Trainers can use Jolt activities to surprise and energize their participants, to challenge old assumptions, foster problem solving skills, or encourage new outlooks and points of view.
4) As chart 1 shows, the JOLTS data indicate that small business employment was particularly hard hit during the recession, and that employment continued to contract at small businesses in the early phase of the recovery while it was increasing at medium-size and large establishments.
Sand brittleness, as measured by the friability and cone jolt toughness tests, is reduced, because, as a result of high core sand dilution, sand brittleness is one of the most common problems in U.
The seismic activity, called a quake swarm, remained relatively minor through the spring and summer but took off in October, culminating with three jolts approaching magnitude 5 in late November.