JOMARJoint Office for Mapping And Research (NOAA/USGS)
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The work was premiered by the composer on piano with Harrell and his wife Helen Nightengale on violin, and we have Thomas Bacon to thank for the current edition in JOMAR Press's new "Modern Hornist" series, which provides all of the alternate parts: violin or viola, cello or horn, and a piano score with violin and cello.
This apparently has now been resolved and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that this piece of music is now available from JOMAR Press.
Mark Segal, vice president says "Shopping at JOMAR is a treasure hunt of values.
All 6 JOMAR stores will be open regular business hours during the sale.
Incorporated since 1967, JOMAR is an independently owned chain of 6 retail stores in the Philadelphia area.
Most of the merchandise sold at JOMAR comes direct from better department stores.