JOMPJoy of Music Program
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Different frameworks such as JaMP (Veerasamy and Nasira, 2014), Pyjama (Giacaman and Sinnen, 2013), JOMP (Zhang et al., 2015, Giacaman and Sinnen, 2013), JavaParty (Abbasi et al., 2011), Titanium (Taboada et al., 2013, Yelick, Graham et al., 2011), Jackal (Ramos et al., 2011), and SPAR Java (Zhang et al., 2015) have been proposed and implemented.
The JOMP is an implementation of OpenMP in Java, Zhang et al.
This functionality differentiated HJP from all the existing frameworks including JaMP (Veerasamy and Nasira, 2014), JOMP (Zhang et al., 2015, Giacaman and Sinnen, 2013), and HPJava (Carpenter and Fox, 2003) etc.
Founded in the fall of 1986, JOMP is a nonprofit community music school with an annual enrollment of over 550 students and a faculty of 40 musicians.
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