JONSWAPJoint North Sea Wave Project
JONSWAPJoint North Sea Wave Analysis Project
JONSWAPJoint North Sea Wave Atmosphere Program
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The fetch relations [3] and [4] obtained in the JONSWAP show surprisingly good agreements with our relations [1] and [2].
They proposed a standard spectrum, JONSWAP spectrum, for the fetch-limited wind waves, which simulate well the sharp spectral form in the limited fetches as compared to the fully developed spectrum obtained by Pierson and Moskowitz (1964).
A little before the publication of the JONSWAP report, Toba (1972) (43) clarified an important property of the wind waves in the generation area: the 3/2 power law.
(47) In 1973, when the report of the JONSWAP was published, Toba (1973) (47) presented an important study on the spectrum of wind waves.
Until the beginning of the 1970s, many spectral forms for the frequency spectrum were presented: the Phillips' equilibrium spectrum, (39) the Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum, (40) the JONSWAP spectrum (29) and Toba's spectrum.
(1980) (57) presented another form of the angular distribution function which was determined from the wave data obtained by using their pitch and roll buoy at the JONSWAP site.
Due to the presence of the Wave Dragons, the single-peak JONSWAP spectrum is transformed in a double peak spectrum immediately after the WEC array (as, e.g., in OP2), but this spectral shape does not propagate further in the geographical space, and at the level of the nearshore (the reference point NP3) no significant difference occurs in terms of the spectral shapes between the two different configurations considered (WD0 and WD6).
In order to assess better the changes taking place in the spectral shapes due to the energy farm, transformations of theoretical JONSWAP spectra were followed for each case study considered.
Figure 2 illustrates the finite-depth sea spectrum combining JONSWAP spectrum and shoaling coefficient for different sea depths d.
W([K.sub.xm], [K.sub.yn]) is power spectrum density function, which could be Gaussian spectrum and ocean wave spectrum, such as Joint North Sea Wave Project (JONSWAP) and Pierson-Moskowitz (PM) spectrum.