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The past few years have seen Jont take his magical Unlit nights (gig/house party hybrids that have discovered the likes of Duke Spirit, Adem and Sam Sparro) across America, Europe and now throughout the UK (YouTube is currently enjoying its latest craze, and Jont is its instigator).
Another Scot, Richie Ramsay, finished jont fifth alongside Spain's Alvaro Salto, Raphael Eyraud of France and Richard Treis of Germany.
LIAM; BRIAN; THE TWINS; CAROLE; ZIGGY; TRACEY; GERRY; KARA-LOUISE; JONT; Emily, Lesley, Seany, Shabby, Billy, Jonathan, Laura, Pauline, Nicky, Charley, Chanelle, Shanessa, David, Amy
Jack Johnson/ Matt Costa: NEC Arena 0870 909 4133' James Blunt/ Jason Mraz: Civic Hall, North St, Wolverhampton 01902 552121' Jont, 7.30pm: Little Civic, North St, Wolverhampton 01902 552121'The Wrens/ The Flavours: Bar Academy, Dale End 0870 771 2000' Bev Bevan's Move: The Jam House, St Paul's Square 0121 200 3030' Snowy White & The White Flames: Robin 2, Mount Pleasant, Bilston 01902 401211' Numbers/ Trash Fashion: Sunflower Lounge, 76 Smallbrook Queensway 0121 632 6756' The Upper Room/ Second Sun Rising: Jug of Ale, 43 Alcester Rd, Moseley 0121 449 1082.
Jont Bulbeck, CCW's access policy officer said: ``CCW has offered substantial support of around pounds 1.3m over the last three years to help local authorities improve their access and rights of way networks.
"The European Union has received with sadness the news of the passing away of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez," they said in a jont statement.
Elaine set course with an upbeat opener, actually a song from a former national tour partner, Jont, before getting down to serious album business.
Jont Bulbeck, CCW's senior access policy officer, hopes rural and coastal communities can benefit directly from increased access to open country in Wales.
Jont Bulbeck, CCW's access policy officer, said: ``CCW is carrying out a national survey that looks behind these figures identifying problem areas and looking at ways to improve the network of rights of way throughout Wales.
He further stated that the daily shipment of supplies to the Jail including food items should halted, adding that to check and improve the response, a jont rehearsal of the prison should be made weekly over the charge of security measures.