JOPEJava Object Persistence Extensions
JOPEJournal of Political Economy
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Although still useful for static topics, the JOPES construct has outlived its utility for addressing the dynamic planning environment.
It is absolutely essential to hold these elements together in order to fully trace JOPES planned records with its DTS execution detail.
It should also not be unexpected that an enemy would attack US logistics through the supply or JOPES networks.
The 1992 version of JOPES LDM contained 468 entities and 1,994 data elements; the 1993 version had 362 entities and 1,318 data elements.
Directing JOPES use for retrograde was a paradigm shift that took the enterprise some time to adjust to because we had never used it for the entire joint force for such operations.
The combined system should also pull the data from JOPES for deployment and redeployment requirements.
A package of recommended JOPES changes was developed and will be coordinated through the JOPES action group in the second quarter of fiscal year 2009.
At this point, JOPES (Joint Operations Planning and Execution System) operators at the higher level confirm the data in the system and begin to resource the transportation requirements.
The process for generating and deploying Title 10 forces under this current system is not as responsive as the one used by the NG; JOPES was largely designed to handle defense of the homeland and to fight the Nation's wars.
JOPES is a classified system designed to satisfy the information needs of combatant commanders and their staffs in the conduct of joint planning and operations.