JOPESJoint Operation Planning and Execution System
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JOPES enables the theater to anticipate the lift assets required to support onward movement and maintain the overall velocity of the force while conserving resources and minimizing cost.
Although still useful for static topics, the JOPES construct has outlived its utility for addressing the dynamic planning environment.
On the third visit, approximately 45 days from available-to-load date, the unit's plan is validated in JOPES. The team focuses on correct loading, documentation, and in-transit visibility of redeployment containers.
* Construct an engineer-specific plan for use in JOPES.
When viewing Unit Line Number (ULN) requirements in the JOPES, the corresponding scheduling and movement visibility was no better than 27 percent.
The first data requirements product of the JOPES ROC was a data requirements document (DRD) report.
Donrey is one of the few newspaper chains that lives up to its billing as one that tries to keep existing management in place, says Jopes, who is based in Ontario, Calif.
FTN is currently implemented through the published Joint Staff force tracking number business rules message and will be incorporated completely in version 4.2 of the Joint Operations Planning and Execution System (JOPES).
Force Tracking Number is currently being implemented via the Joint Staff Force Tracking Number Business Rules Message, and will be incorporated completely into the Joint Operations Planning and Execution System (JOPES) version 4.2.