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Most significantly, the design of Swarte's goggle-eyed, button-nosed Jopo de Pojo, his signature protagonist and most sympathetic character, is, as Chris Ware perceptively notes in the book's introduction, a "disquieting amalgam of animated cartoon African-American stereotype and lily-white Euro-Tintin." Jopo is both visually and culturally-if not literally-biracial, performing (badly) upon his guitar alongside Swarte's affectionate tributes to blues musicians like Albert King and Fats Domino, and genially maneuvering a post-imperial Art Deco landscape that represents a fusion of form and function, of high art and daily life.
BELLEM, Jopo y otros (1990) A influencia da colegialidade no profissionalismo -Uma linha de investigando na Escola Superior de Educando de Portalegre.
In a separate deal, CHS has signed a purchase agreement to acquire 33 Zip Trip convenience stores in the Spokane, Wash., area from Jopo Inc.
The interests of the Portuguese in Northern Africa, eased by the conquests in that area, supplied the information about the "Terras do Alto Niger e Senegal" (Upper Niger and Senegal), where the gold came from; it would circulate in the "Terra da Guine" (Guinea), and the legend of "Prestes Jopo", a powerful Christian King.