JOPPJoint Operation Planning Process (DOD)
JOPPJournal of Political Philosophy
JOPPJournal of Primary Prevention (healthcare)
JOPPJoint Venture PHARE Programme
JOPPJournal of Pure Power (sports)
JOPPJournal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice (International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners)
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Jopp replaces Mark Raine who has moved to vice president of product and marketing at Mercedes-Benz Korea after four years in Malaysia.
The women's extensive engagement in their Men's Shed activities may be understood as these women still taking on the socio-emotional responsibility for their marriages to a considerable extent (Bloch, Haase & Levenson, 2014; Boerner, Jopp, Carr, Sosinsky & Kim, 2014).
Though a recent report from HSBC revealed that many parents are willing to face severe financial burdens to provide a secure education for their children, Jopp said if you start early and get the right financial advice, "you needn't get into debt".
A final recommendation is that CO should be integrated into both the joint education process and JOPP as a standard part of an operations planning team.
The existence of "wicked problems" requires the education in and repetitive use of a planning process, such as the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP) or the Navy Planning Process (NPP), so that commanders can rapidly generate executable options.
This is particularly the case of the Victoria Longitudinal Study Activity Questionnaire, a Likert-type scale-ranging from 0 (never) to 8 (daily) - which, in the adaptation by Jopp and Hertzog (2010), comprised 57 items relating to eleven different sorts of activities (physical, crafts, games, TV, social-private, social-public, religious, developmental, experiential, technology and travel).
Hyperactive owners, Mike Jopp and Bob Griffiths, started the business more than 30 years ago and are now retiring from the business with James Gander and Roger Wedlake now leading the business under Gravity Media Group's new ownership.
Furthermore, the model inherently integrates tailored targeting methods into the existing processes which inform the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP), Military Decision Making Process, and Troop Leading Procedures institutionalized within allied militaries at all levels.
Though JP 5-0 was written to support strategic-level planning, some elements of the Joint Operational Planning Process (JOPP) specifically addressed the complexities of planning and executing missions in conjunction with several different agencies or organizations.
Timothy Guinnane, Tobias Jopp, and Jochen Streb analyze the costs and benefits of size in the German Knappschaften.
It is not a reason to pause," said Devin Jopp, Ed.D., WEDI President and CEO.