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JOPSJoint Operations Planning System
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JOPSJoint Operational Planning System
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Over 1,000 job order personnel (JOP)-contractual workers at the Naia usually assigned to maintenance work in the four terminals-remained bound to six-month contracts for several years without regularization and benefits.
JOPS study the effects of the Bank of Spain's countercyclical capital buffers on the extension of bank credit at the loan facility and firm borrower levels.
OpenJDK 7 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux supported 60 percent more critical JOPS than the closest competitor running Oracle JDK 7 on Oracle Solaris.(2) The result validates OpenJDK's ability to deliver world-class performance, and marks the first open source entry into this server-side Java benchmark.
Masri made the remarks at a ceremony organized by JOPS in Amman yesterday.
Efteem Azar, President of JOPS said on the occasion, "The Jordanian Osteoporosis Prevention Society has been raising awareness and supporting scientific research in the field of bone health since its foundation in 1998.
"Through JOPS and coordination with the Washington State Association of Fire Chiefs, we have established traffic incident management training to bring WSDOT, WSP, and fire responders together to talk about safety and efficient scene clearance.
Over the last 40 years, the armed forces have worked out a computer-assisted planning system for preparing for large operations overseas: the Joint Operational Planning System (JOPS).
The Required Operations Capability (ROC) document produced to initiate this project initially called the integrated systems the Joint Operations Planning System (JOPS).
Taiwans Liang Yi-ling, meanwhile, led her team composed of amateur guests Butch Santos, Jops Melrosa and Tess Yap to the pro-am victory with a 14-under 58.
In 2002, the two agencies entered into a Joint Operations Policy Statement (JOPS) that pledged cooperation on a number of issues of mutual interest, one of which was traffic incident management.
The third cruise, that of the JOPS II-9 (Joint Oceanographic ProjectS-II, leg 9), was conducted with the RV Victor Hensen in April-May 1995.