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JORDYJoint Optical Reflective Display (NASA)
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the JORDY unit is the most advanced head-worn magnifier on the market.
For photos and more information on the JORDY or other Enhanced Vision products, go to www.
And so imagine how pleased I was to find that France's most famous infant celebrity was a pint (or demi litre) sized pop star called JORDY Claude Daniel Lemoine.
For more information about the JORDY and other Enhanced Vision products, please call 888-811-3161 or visit www.
E[acute accent]The JORDY works by using digital cameras that are controlled by a miniature computer to magnify images on two small screens in front of the eyes.
The JORDY is a headworn, portable, lightweight device that is battery operated and has been designed for people with active lifestyles, enabling them to read, write and enjoy TV, movies and hobbies again.
The JORDY now features display colors that are truer to life.
Patty White, a recent purchaser of the enhanced JORDY stated, "I have been using JORDY for over 3 years.
The JORDY 2 glasses incorporate a miniature, auto-focus digital video camera to project images directly onto the user's eye at up to 30x magnification, allowing those who have low vision conditions to see again.
No way I could have completed school without JORDY," said Webber.
who is Webber's low vision specialist and first fit him with the JORDY device.
JORDY HIWULA has just made a big decision - now he's in for a big week.