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JORGJunior Officer Requiring Guidance (US Navy slang; aka George)
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As part of a bet, Frank urged Jorg to grow his hair like 'The Hef' in exchange for Frank playing a one-off game for the local football team Jorg and David play for at the weekend - TSV Reinhardtsgrimma.
Prior innovations introduced by Jorg Breuning include introduction of the German FLL Green Roof Guideline.
"Most people are amazed by how quickly the body adapts to SUP," says Jorg. "Within 20 minutes you can balance, stand and move over the water.
With Jorg's lawyer, a hot-headed young revolutionary and the arrival of a mysterious stranger, the weekend becomes a concentration of all those years.
Jorg Vogler: Zeutschel's "zeta" has been designed as a digital copying centre for books and bound documents of all kinds.
Slyde company has introduced a unique digital watch HD3, developed by designer Jorg Haysekom (Jorg Hysek).
RANGERS legend Jorg Albertz has rejoined the Ibrox fold for a bargain pounds 4000 - a thousandth of the cost of his first move to the club.
Sometimes simpler is better, and Jorg Gray's 1900 is about as simple as it comes.
M2 EQUITYBITES-5 May 2010-Silence Therapeutics plc elects Jorg Kaufmann, Ph.D.
The Jorg Gray 6500, priced around 260 pounds, has allegedly become one of the best selling in the US, after the president was seen sporting the simple black design at several high-profile appearances.
Furthermore, Jorg Hennemann, Manager Hub Development and Capacity Management Frankfurt, has been appointed to the airline's Board.
According to science writer and author Jorg Blech, the declaration made by Hippocrates over 2,000 years ago that many diseases can be cured by abstinence and rest is being called into question by scientific papers that show that the opposite is true - that inactivity may be the greatest health problem of the twenty-first century.