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JORMJava Object Repository Mapping
JORMJava Object Repository Mapping (adaptable persistence service)
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As recent work undertaken in Australia has shown, enhancing the public's exposure to reliable information about depression can lead to greater awareness of the disorder by community members (Jorm, Christensen & Griffiths, 2006; Highet, Luscombe, Davenport, Burns & Hickie, 2006).
In older adults, depression and memory complaints ate related (Derouesne et al., 1989; Grut, Jorm, & Fratiglioni, 1993; Perrig-Chiello et al., 2000; Schofield et al., 1997).
10.Kelly CM, Mithen JM, Fischer JA, Kitchener BA, Jorm AF, Lowe A, et al.
We are grateful to Dr Anthony Jorm for his helpful comments on the manuscript.
[3.] Jorm AF, Jacomb PA The Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly (IQCODE): sociodemographic correlates, reliability, validity and some norms.
The epicentre was located at a depth of 210.3 kilometres southwest of Jorm, along the Hindu Kush region.
This powerful and passionate sentiment is presented at a time when being bisexual is largely accepted in scholarly literature as being associated with poor mental health and high suicide rates (Bostwick et al., 2010; Bostwick et al., 2007; Conron et al., 2010; Eisner, 2013; Hughes et al., 2010; Jorm et al., 2002; Koh & Ross, 2006; Leonard et al., 2012; Li et al., 2013; Persson et al., 2015; Pompili et al., 2014; Steele et al., 2009), a finding Eisner (2013) directly references in her book as a means to add weight to her urgent call for revolution.
Harmful consequences include health problems (Suris et al., 2014); emotional problems, including suicide (Mok, Jorm, & Pirkis, 2015); Internet addiction, including video game addiction (Sussman, Harper, Stahl, & Weigle, 2018); risky Internet use; and social/functional impairment (American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP] Council on Communications and Media, 2016).
Ducket and Jorm, writing for the Grattan Institute in February of this year (7), state that around 900,000 people who are treated in Australian hospitals each year experience an adverse reaction.
This becomes especially problematic if left untreated, as these problems become risk factors for alcohol and other drug abuse, as well as suicidal thoughts and actions (McGorry, Purcell, Hickie, & Jorm, 2007).
Nuestro conocimiento actual del MS se sustenta en variables cuya base empirica proviene principalmente de estudios transversales, por lo que se requiere mayor exploracion experimental y prospectiva (Yap y Jorm, 2015).
In these contexts, gatekeepers are positioned as facilitators in young people's pathways to care, and can include carers, teachers, and even peers (Kelly, Jorm, & Wright, 2007; Villagrana, 2010).