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JOSEInternational Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics (Central Institute for Labour Protection; Poland)
JOSEJealous One's Still Envy (song)
JOSEJoint Optics Structures Experiment
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We talked together for a while, for he could speak broken English, and I understood a little Portugee, and he told me that his name was Jose Silvestre, and that he had a place near Delagoa Bay.
"Yes, Jose Silvestre, or rather his skeleton and a little skin.
In partnership with Daylight, the pair raided the San Jose Interurban.
Jose Amarillo, their last hope, a recent convert, who had promised money, had been apprehended at his hacienda in Chihuahua and shot against his own stable wall.
-- I set out in company with Don Jose Edwards to the silver-mine of Arqueros, and thence up the valley of Coquimbo.
-- We descended into the fertile valley of Coquimbo, and followed it till we reached an Hacienda belonging to a relation of Don Jose, where we stayed the next day.
Life had a thousand faces, and White Fang found he must meet them all--thus, when he went to town, in to San Jose, running behind the carriage or loafing about the streets when the carriage stopped.
Running behind the carriage in the outskirts of San Jose, he encountered certain small boys who made a practice of flinging stones at him.
Soon after we had come to California, and settled at San Jose (where the only good fortune that awaited us was our meeting with so kind a friend as you) the family, as you know, was broken up by the death of both my parents in the same week.
Morrow, who used to live in San Jose, California, was addicted to writing ghost stories which made the reader feel as if a stream of lizards, fresh from the ice, were streaking it up his back and hiding in his hair.
The chief of these we called Mojo, after his tribe, and the others are known as Jose and Fernando.
I've got some of her poetry published in a San Jose newspaper long ago.