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JOSIEJuelich Ozone Sonde Intercomparison Experiment
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gave a farewell party in honor of Anne and Gilbert one evening at the home of Josie Pye, choosing that place, partly because Mr.
Josie suspected that Anne was laughing at her behind those wicked eyes; but she contented herself with whispering to Gertie, as they went downstairs, that Anne Shirley would put on more airs than ever now that she was going to college -- you'd see!
Big jovial Josie Harper ran a road house at Telegraph Avenue and Thirty-ninth Street.
Josie Pye was head and, mind you, she peeped in her book.
With resentful eyes and passion-red cheeks she confronted alike Diana's sympathetic gaze and Charlie Sloane's indignant nods and Josie Pye's malicious smiles.
With the rollout of Josie Pepper, Munich Airport and Lufthansa are breaking new ground: it is the first-ever test of a humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence at a German airport.
IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) cloud-based, artificial intelligence technologies are behind Josie Pepper's capabilities.
Over the course of 11 weeks, Josie received hands-on training in carpentry, electrical wiring, and plumbing, as well as career readiness preparation, such as how to write a resume and do well in an interview.
While Josie, Eusie and her family were in possession of the property, the house previously constructed therein was demolished, and a three-storey building built in its place.
Josie struggles with questions of how to manage constant stress, coordinate her values with her job, and advance ethically in her profession.
JUST how selfish can serial benefit scrounger Josie Cunningham be?
Despite this, scrounger Josie, who shot to notoriety after having a boob job on the NHS, started going out with the bodybuilder last year.